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This blog is a part of an afterschool digital photography My World model program at Intermediate School 230 in Jackson Heights, Queens. It will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, in the library, from 3-5pm.

Essential Questions:
How can my world educate and inspire me? How can I educate and inspire my world?

Foundation Statement: The Unites States is a county of immigrants, a "melting pot" or "salad bowl" of diverse cultures and identities. Jackson Heights is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the world. Through writing, storyboarding, and photography, students in this program will explore the art of storytelling, focusing on their own cultural identity and family stories. A workshop with a professional journalist will train students to ask questions and work in the field. Trips to the Y Gallery and the East Side Tenement Museum will look closely at immigration perspectives. Students will create a photo slideshow of their work in January. 

In the Spring, students will delve into the world of zines. Since the 14th C (before blogs), marginalized citizens all over the world have created their own leaflet styled publications as a way to give voice to their ideas. By being challenged to answer the question, "What about your world makes you angry?" students will choose a topic they would like to research through the internet, through first-hand interviews with community members, and through the lens of their cameras.  Each student will conceivably create one handmade book and zine with an edition of 10. The final project will be a group zine with a circulation of two to three hundred. Field trips include the Queens Museum of Art and the MET. 

Friday, November 2, 2007

Student Work!

Here are some images that we took at home! We're trying to tell stories and practice our composition skills....let us know what you think!
Photograph by Jennifer
Photograph by Alexandra
Photograph by Daniela
Photography by Kevin
Photograph by Dayana
Photograph by Donald
Photograph by Edwin
Photograph Tasnima
Photograph by Daihana
Photograph by Pious

See if you can tell what's going on here, this series of photographs is a great example of how to tell a story visually. Taken by Charmi.


Anonymous said...

i like dayan's phtograph because it looks like a professional photo because it's clear and is different from the other and there nothing going and i like it because it looks natural.

Anonymous said...

I like the photo of the lamp Dayana because it shows alot of details and it looks like it was taken in the middle of the night and that makes it feel as if it where a yellow light and it looked really bright and great.From Alan

Anonymous said...

i like the picture of danielbut a i really dont noe wat else to say emotion

Anonymous said...

nioe what does it say on the bible???????????????????????????


Anonymous said...

I like this one the most Eddy,Just Like A movie,you know like when it starts with some picters and furnituer and stuff....ya know..
( + . +)

Anonymous said...

i like dayana's picture. It has a lot of different value of light. The picture looks really shadowy and it looks mysterious.


Anonymous said...

I like this because the black and white looked cool and Kevins dad looks like him.

Anonymous said...

I really like Jennfier's photo because her mom look's like if she work real hard and also you can see that her face is tired from work and also on the table there paper every where.


Anonymous said...

nice pic danniela but why u show half of your face?!?|

jenniffer said...

the pictures are very cultural that's why i like them a lot.